Tours of Tuscany

Tours of Tuscany
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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Danye Alighieri Society Brisbane

2007 was the 55th year of the Brisbane Dante’s continuous existence. With branches worldwide, our parent society in Rome, la sede centrale, was founded in 1889 on the inspiration of the great Nobel prize winning poet, Giosuè Carducci. Its two objectives at that time, that we and all branches still pursue, are to maintain and to resuscitate the use of Italian among Italians emigrants in foreign lands and also to diffuse the Italian language and culture among non-Italians.

Our Activities

Monthly Cultural EventsAcross the years these monthly encounters have ranged from concerts, theatre outings, lectures on Italy, past and present, Italian films (subtitled or not, according to need), music, art, cooking and so on. Cultural meetings usually take place in the 3rd. week of every month and are announced in the Dante News. English and Italian feature as the languages of presentation. We encourage initiatives from members outside the management committee to suggest ideas and speakers for functions.

Language and Culture Courses

For the Brisbane Dante, these represent the greatest expression of the Society’s aims and our most important commitment of time and effort. Courses for the most part are year long in duration with an additional intake of new students in Semester two. All levels of language are taught from Monday to Thursday in the evenings and on some mornings. Children's classes are also available. In addition, circoli di cultura are offered fortnightly in Italian including, of course, un circolo dantesco.

Dante Alighieri Society Inc., Brisbane

23 Foster Street Newmarket

PO Box 3107 Newmarket, QLD 4051

Australia Ph/Fax: + 61 07 3356 7731

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