Tours of Tuscany

Tours of Tuscany
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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Opera Queensland

Opera Queensland is Australia’s second largest opera company and is delighted to perform as part of the Italian Week celebrations, embracing and celebrating Italian culture in Brisbane. It presents annually a major season, between February and November, including at least three major operas as well as concerts and other productions. In addition to the season of opera, Opera Queensland presents smaller operatic productions, musicals, concerts and tours of operatic and lighter musical material in many other venues throughout Queensland. It also offers an extensive and vibrant education program and community engagement program.

Opera Queensland (formerly the Lyric Opera of Queensland) was founded in 1981 with funding from the Queensland State Government. The company was established with the State Government’s expressed desire for a professional state opera company which presented all forms of opera, including light opera and musical theatre.

The mission of Opera Queensland is to enrich the lives of Australians by providing a diversity of opera and music theatre of excellence accessible in every way to the widest audience, while contributing to the development of the art form and expanding the role of the company at all levels in the community.

Opera Queensland is an integral part of the cultural infrastructure of Queensland and performs to an audience often in excess of 120,000 each year.The Company is deeply committed to playing a central role in the education of young Australians. To this end, Opera Queensland has a number of initiatives we take into communities, offering world-class entertainment, and frequently ‘money can’t buy’, life-changing experiences. The portable nature of its
activities allows the Company to tailor an itinerary to include particular regions or communities as required.

In 2008, Opera Queensland is proud to be expanding its education program into New South Wales regional areas.

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