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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Dolci Sapori

Dolci Sapori evolved over a cup of coffee between Mario Cali and Aladino Pozzebon discussing Brisbane's food and hospitality industry. At that time both were recently migrated from Italy and noted the lack of an authentic Italian patisserie.

This was obvious to Mario, who was born and bred in the industry thanks to his father's sixty years experience as a pastry chef and café proprietor. Mario himself worked in all facets of his father's business, from serving customers to managing the business.

Aladino noted there was no place to experience a typical Italian breakfast: an on-the run espresso with a freshly baked pastry while finding out last night's soccer result. His years in hotel and restaurant management and working on cruise liners highlighted that the missing ingredient was a café that had its own identity rather that one that tried to be all things to all people.

And from that simple cup of coffee "Dolci Sapori" was born.

Aladino and Mario had no trouble coming up with a menu – they just wanted to provide a good product that would bring people to see, taste, smell and experience a real Italian ambience, without the expense of flying to Italy. However, coming up with a name for the business was another matter! Eventually they decided to appeal to the senses: Dolci meaning sweet, for the sweet tastes and life; and Sapori meaning flavours, of which there are many on offer.

The Clayfield shop opened for trading in 2001 and has attracted a loyal following from all parts of Brisbane. And then there are those who stop in on their way to the airport to collect a box of sweets to take home … to north Queensland, interstate and overseas. It was here that customers discovered the custom of brioche and granita for breakfast, arancini for a savoury snack, ricotta cannoli with coffee and ordering a gift box of mixed pastries for friends and family.

Whether it's a quick coffee, relaxed bite to eat or catering, Dolci Sapori can meet your needs.

Brisbane Turns Little ItalyTraditional Patisserie ‘Dolci Sapori’ Meets Demand of Local Sweet Teeth

Brisbane could soon stake a claim on the title of ‘Little Italy’ if the popularity of local Italian food and culture continues to thrive across the suburbs.

Well on their way to converting local foodies to the sweet side of Italy, Clayfield based patisserie Dolci Sapori offers customers a mouth watering selection of traditional Italian desserts. So authentic, you could almost imagine being served these delicious bites straight from nonna’s kitchen.

All desserts are hand crafted daily on the premises by Mario Cali, a second generation pastry chef who learnt his skills under the tutelage of his father Nino Cali.

‘My father is a great man and a wonderful chef, who even at 82 years of age is still running a traditional Italian patisserie in his native town of Piedimonte Etneo in Sicily’ said Mario.

Mario and his business partner Aladino Pozzebon’s Italian heritage and passion is combined with over half a decade of hospitality experience to bring Brisbane locals an authentic array of traditional and boutique style desserts.

‘It is our aim to spread the Italian passion for good living and great food’ said Aladino ‘As we say in Italy, chi mangia bene, vive bene!’ (He who eats well, lives well!).

Delicacies on offer from Dolci Sapori include a range of biscuits, gelati, pastries and special cakes, many of which are available in gluten or dairy free varieties.

‘We’ve heard straight from the horses mouth that our traditional desserts are the perfect accompaniment to a steaming cup of strong Italian coffee’ said Aladino.

‘One of Dolci Sapori’s biggest supporters is coffee guru Phillip Di Bella, who was so enamoured with the combination of sweets and coffee that he named one of his signature blends after us!’

Dolci Sapori even caters for those rare souls without a sweet tooth, offering a range of savoury treats including traditional Italian favourites vol-au-vents, ‘Arancini’ (filled risotto balls) and, of course, the ‘Pizzette’ (pizza).

Dolci Sapori’s unique Italian products are additive and preservative free and made fresh with natural ingredients. All products can be pre-ordered to size for private functions, weddings and special occasions. They even promise to include language training so you pronounce names and flavours just like a true Italian would!Since its establishment in 2001, Dolci Sapori has built up a loyal fanbase of local consumers and has recently branched out into the wholesale market with the launch of their Sweet Conceptions range.

Dolci Sapori - 828 Sandgate Road (Cnr Junction Rd) Clayfield 4011
p. (07) 3262 2466e.

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